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August 17th, 2016 by J

Being a model, especially for a company as big as GUESS, one is expected to be exposed in different parts of the planet while working with various people from all over the world. Diora Baird is one of ’em lucky chicks who’s been a part of this circle, more so luckier than the rest for keeping the hottest male co-models she’s worked with to spend her free time with away from their stressful shoots. Oh, and being one of the sexiest and hottest women to grace men’s magazines did her a lot of good in having a handful of ripped jocks she gets messy with. One of these is this particular black hottie who Baird swears has the biggest dick she’s ever tried and the only one who made her squirt a lot.

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They met while she was posing for Playboy and it was an instant attraction when she felt his hard cock brush in between her sexy ass while doing a sensual pose for the said magazine. She knew she had to suck on this juicy meat and have him fuck her cunt and stretch it nice and that’s what they’ve been doing each time they hook up!

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April 8th, 2016 by J

Diora sucks and fucks on cam

Hot and gorgeous former Guess model, Diora Baird, wanted to share a secret to you all. She enjoys a lot of role playing when it comes to sex and she has tried countless personalities with various fuck buddies. During her career as a model, since they play dress up a lot, they can’t help but go the extra mile as to bringing their different characters into the bedroom and put them into good use. Diora, for one, hates the idea of wasting hours on makeup and costumes just to pose for a few minutes on magazine covers and the like. She had the idea of not changing back into her casual clothes after a shoot and take her ‘new self’ to some fun and kinky play. When her mother enrolled her in acting classes when she was young, to overcome introversion, she learned more than just open herself emotionally, because she’s been tearing up those clothes to open everything else to anyone she wanted to share her fantasies with.

This personality of hers isn’t really all too shocking because if you knew her from years back, when she wasn’t a professional model and actress yet, she took on various odd jobs just to earn her own money. From a waitress to a caterer, a clown for some kid’s party then a pre-school teacher. So you see she’s like the female version of Jack of all trades. This video of her being sexy and busty in a cop’s uniform is one of her favorites. There are times she likes being dominated but there are also instances where she wanted to be in total control. Wearing her uniform for this hot session and pretending to take charge makes her naughty as fuck. She got that pussy roughly stuffed until she gets a load of spunk all over.

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March 3rd, 2016 by J

Can’t get enough of these hot blondies? You’re in luck with another one in this sultry American actress and former Guess model, Diora Baird. Being a model in the fashion industry entails charisma, sexy fit body (preferably with nice tits too), and of course the kind of beauty that seems to only get better with age. Diora is only in her early thirties but she looks so experienced and mature that you’d get intimidated by what she knows especially things she knows to do in bed. But we won’t get heavy on you in this video because Diora is doing it solo. Whenever she needed some quick break to unwind and release tension after shooting on films and her husband is not around, she likes to tease and make masturbation videos while using her favorite toys.

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She wasn’t in the mood to stuff that cunt but she displays her love for licking and sucking on dicks by playing with a dildo. It’s her usual practice to not accidentally bite off her hubby’s meat or to make sure she ain’t going to fail while blowing on her partner’s boner in more ways than one. Here she is teasing in her new latex outfit and of course she got no panties on. She considers her tight ass to be one of her assets that’s why she loves bending over to make her husband’s cock and every man’s stiff like a board. Licking on the dildo and sucking it hard, fucking her titties with it, would most likely cause you to explode and that’s alright because that’s why she’s here in the first place. Go crazy watching her play here.

Diora Baird’s Topless Self Pics

April 29th, 2010 by diora

Holy shit!  I’ve probably hit the mother lode of all Diora Baird photos because I have here in my hand (actually here on my hard disk) Diora Baird’s sizzling hot topless self pic photos!  Now what could have possessed a model like Diora to take pictures of herself without any clothes on except a pair of thin white panties… and some socks?  (Her panties are so thin you can almost make out her pussy!)  I don’t know the reason why, but I thank God these photos have come out and we can enjoy them on this site.  Diora’s got a perfect pair of big, round breasts, as everybody knows, and we’ve been enjoying them in various magazine photo shoots and even in her first high-profile movie, Wedding Crashers.  But these are self pics and they’re way hotter than photos taken on any staged set!  They’re intimate and unrehearsed and best of all they show Diora topless behind the scenes, when she’s most real!  So click on this link if you want to see even more juicy topless photos of this busty celeb, and of the self pic kind too!

Diora Baird Gets Banged

March 10th, 2009 by diora

Unfortunately these hot screencaps aren’t from some unknown Diora Baird sex tape.  A porn video scandal from this stacked and sexy babe would be a blockbuster that would blow even the Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson sex tape out of the water.  But we’ve just got to content ourselves with scenes like this from her mainstream movies instead.  This scene of Diora Baird being fucked nice and hard, for example, is from “The Wedding Crashers“, which was Diora’s first high-profile movie.  If she does this in her next big-budget flick (this summer’s “Star Trek” relaunch), then it’s absolutely going to rock!  Just check out how firm her boobies are here, even while she’s lying flat on her back.  But those babies are all-natural and unenhanced, so you can just imagine how good they’ll feel under you as you pump away at this babe.  Seeing Diora Baird in a sex scene, even from a Hollywood movie and not a porn flick is enough to make any guy cream hard in a jiffy.

See more of Diora’s glorious rack in action as she does one sexy scene after another here on this site!

Diora Baird Wet And Wild

March 10th, 2009 by diora

How can a bath with a garden hose turn your summer’s day even hotter?  When the one taking in a bath in the garden is none other than former Guess? model and Playboy covergirl Diora Baird.  I’m surprised the water isn’t turning into steam as it hits the huge, globular breasts of this babe, because she’s just so hot in this pic.  Now this is the kind of photo that can cause global warming of a different kind if you spread it around too much.  With her juicy 32DD boobies dripping wet like that, Diora Baird is officially causing hundreds of orgasms every minute as horndogs all over check this picture out!  Seeing her do this live would definitely make my summer, but even this pic is enough to make my eyes glaze over with pleasure as I think about what I’d like to do to her and those yummy melons.

Diora Baird nude and showing off her big, juicy bosoms.  Now who wouldn’t want to click on that link back there and see more of her?  Go on, you know you want to…

Diora Baird Topless

March 10th, 2009 by diora

Diora Baird’s best assets have got to be her huge, luscious funbags.  I mean, there’s no ignoring the fact that they’re the first thing you notice about her, even before you look up and see her pretty face.  Those juicy chest torpedoes are the best things she’s got going for her when it comes to grabbing a guy’s attention, and here we are with some pics of Diora showing off those ripe cantaloupes in a photo shoot that has her in some positions where those assets are displayed really well.  Lying on her stomach and straddling a stair bannister like in these photos really do show off those titties best, and you can see the size of her boobies in relation to her body and the shape of those delicious breasts.  The only thing missing is the movement of those breasts as they sway in front of your face, inviting you to reach out for these forbidden fruit so you can squeeze them or take a nice, big bite…

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