Diora Baird Nude

The “Wedding Crashers” movie has a nice bunch of cuties in it, like Rachel McAdams, who’s the lead, and Isla Fisher, who’s the sexy comic relief.  But if you’re here on this site with us, the you know that the hottest babe among all the ones who appear in the film is this one particular big-tittied girl whom Owen Wilson sleeps with.  That hottie is Diora Baird and damn is she sexy!  Well, that’s why we’re here — to worship this busty honey and fill our thoughts with images of Diora Baird nude.

Diora was born in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on April 6, 1983.  This All-American hottie had a normal childhood and left home when she was 17 to live the Tinseltown dream in Los Angeles.  Her stardom didn’t come that easily though, and she joined the thousands of other aspiring actresses there making a living waiting tables, working as pre-school teacher, painting, being a clown, Cinderella or Elmo at children’s parties, a nanny, and even selling hair.  Hey, if it were her hair down there she was selling, I’m sure there’d be lots of kinky buyers lined up.

Still, with her hot looks, selling hair wasn’t what she was destined to do.  She soon found some modelling gigs and eventually found success as a model for Guess?, and guest appearances in movies and TV shows soon followed, starting with “The Drew Carey Show” in 2004.  “The Wedding Crashers” came a year later and soon she was handling co-starring roles, like in 2006’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning“.  And then of course there were her photo spreads in mags like Maxim, FHM, and oh, Playboy.  Yum!

Now Diora Baird still occasionally guest-stars on TV shows, like “Two and a Half Men” and “Shark”, but it’s her movie career that’s definitely picking up.  This year alone, she’s set to appear in two horror comedies, which are “Night of the Demon” and “Stan Helsing”, but it’s her guest role as an Orion slavegirl on the big-budget “Star Trek” reimagination by J.J. Abrams that all her fans are waiting for.  Yes, this sexy 32DD beauty is still on her way to the top, and we’re all licking our lips to see even more of her on our TV and movie screens.

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